Texas Two-Way Conference, San Antonio, TX 2002
The Texas Two-Way/Dual Language Consortium is committed to an enriched dual language education with the goal of biliteracy for all students based on current research and best practices. It advocates for the implementation of educational programs in public education that ensure that all learners are academically and linguistically equipped in at least two languages with the necessary skills to successfully compete in a linguistically and culturally diverse society.

This goals of this organization are to:
Assist in the implementation of dual language programs in Texas that are committed to the development of high levels of language proficiency & academic achievement in student's first and second language
Provide opportunities for training, resources and support necessary to implement changes in educational policies that promote effective dual language education for all students
Coordinate and disseminate statewide research on best practices in dual language programs that provide an equal educational opportunity for all students
Assist in the development and implementation of Senate Bill 467 so that some day every Texas student will master English plus another language
Assist in the establishment of a statewide educational system that values, respects and incorporates the state's cultural & linguistic diversity
Assist school districts across the state in building a long-term commitment and advocacy for enrichment education at all levels